Ice-World is the largest manufacturer of mobile (real ice) ice-rinks. It has a production facility in the Netherlands and a dealer network with warehousing world wide.

In 2008 I started working at Ice-World as a young product developer.

My first assignment was to fix issues with the worlds largest artificial outside ice track (5km long!!) in Biddinghuizen. Not really a standard consumer product, but being an technical engineer and with the broad education I had I was able to test, find and fix the problems. We rebuild the 5km long ice-track and just before the skating season the track worked and could reopen.

During the next years at Ice-World I became head of R&D and product development. I created a Skating Aid, which is still a mayor hit in the world of mobile ice-rinks.
I re-engineered a mobile 400m grand oval track which got patented and was used in 2013 in Rotterdam and in Amsterdam. The rink in Amsterdam was not only used for pleasure, but also for real National championship races. (After the 2013 Olympics).

Furthermore I did projects on Interactive Ice and we created a new product called the PlayFountain.

After 6 years of working at Ice-World I decided that it was time to move on and learn more.


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