When working for Ice-World, I came up with a huge project to improve interactions on our ice-rinks.

Unfortunately this project is still a bit secret, so I cannot tell a lot about it, but you can look at this video below.

But it involved a lot of electronics, rfid-tags, people linking them to their Facebook pages and a lot of fun on the ice rinks.

I worked on this project for one full year and in that year we got an crazy amount of work done.
The project is now 90% finished, but unfortunately the company decided to cut down some costs and R&D was one of them. Project put in the freezer for now…

And here some Interactive-Ice:

Works with clever transmitters build into the skates and receivers and LED’s frozen into the ice.

The system knows who is skating on which part of the ice so all kind of games can be played and score’s shared to Facebook.

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