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  • Electronics education

    When you open up products 8 out of 10 times you will find electronics inside. You can imagine I got interested in these electronic components and how they worked.
    During high-school I joined a club called ‘the young researchers’ where I could practice building electronic circuits.
    Also at home I w... Read more

  • Ice-Linked



    When working for Ice-World, I came up with a huge project to improve interactions on our ice-rinks.

    Unfortunately this project is still a bit secret, so I cannot tell a lot about it, but you can look at this video below.

    But it involved a lot of electronics, rfid-tags, people linking them to their Facebook ... Read more

  • PlayFountain

    The PlayFountain® is the first mobile water play attraction and composed of numerous square meter sized elements, which leads to a 100m² water park. The PlayFountain® contains more than a thousand water jets, by which many pre-programmed games can be played.  Games like walking through a labyrinth, or escape from ja... Read more

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