The PlayFountain® is the first mobile water play attraction and composed of numerous square meter sized elements, which leads to a 100m² water park. The PlayFountain® contains more than a thousand water jets, by which many pre-programmed games can be played.  Games like walking through a labyrinth, or escape from jail, are just a few examples. But also spectacular water shows with lights and sound effects are possible. Have a look at

I worked on engineering the PlayFountain for Ice-World International (my former work). As head of R&D I first worked on the concept and working out and testing the basic principles of how I could make the idea of an fountain with 16 water jets/m² possible while still manufacturable and cost efficient.

I contacted numerous manufacturers and worked together with an electronic engineer on designing and testing the proof of concept. I put an graduate student on the project to help out in further working out the project. After building two complete working prototypes and testing them in the field, production of several fountains for commercial use has started in 2014.

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