Everyone who owns a bicycle will agree on this one. Bicycle locks are a must have but can be very annoying.
Finding the keys, inserting the keys, two or more hands are needed to operate the lock, the lock is unreachable between bicycles, etc.

I had those problems too and came up with the idea to make a bicycle lock that can be operated with only one hand.

I kept this idea for my graduation project and contacted a famous industrial design agency called Springtime (Amsterdam) to guide me through this project. Springtime found a second partner/client who wanted to cooperate in this project. Therefore I graduated at two companies at the same time! This company is called Betronic and is a electronic company, also situated in Amsterdam.

The final product is a very innovative patented electronic bicycle lock that can indeed be easily operated with one hand.

There is no need to insert any key and there is no need to get the key from pocket or bag.
This lock, however electronic, does not need batteries, it uses human power to power the electronics.

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