Every year the Technical University of Delft participates in the World Solar Challenge held in Australia.

Each year a team of enthusiast and very capable students form a team to work a complete year, fulltime, on building the next NUNA solar car to participate and win the World Solar Challenge.

A friend of mine participated in earlier teams (NUNA 2) and when the 2007 team (NUNA 4) was looking for a pair of extra hands she pointed in my direction. Due to my experience in the workshop I was in charge of building a lot of the components for the NUNA 4. I fabricated the brackets, inserts and hubs for the wheel suspensions. Also parts for the steering column and the gas and break pedals were produced by me. Materials used were aircraft grade aluminium (4047) and stainless steel.

After a mind blowing race the NUNA 4 won again, for the fourth time in a row!

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