In my first year at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at the Delft University of Technology, I realized this was exactly the kind of education I had been looking for.
For example, in the first weeks we had to examine common household appliances, open them up and figure out how they worked. A perfect fit for me!
The road to a new product is often long and diverse, at IDE we are educated about all the different aspects of designing.
A very diverse education which results in diverse graduates.

My interests in product design shift towards the inside of the products, how they work and function, how they can be produced and also how they interact with the user.
For example redesigning an existing product to make it function better, more intuitive or make it more easy or cheaper to manufacture.

But also inventing new products that aid people in their needs is what I like to do.
I love to come up with smart solutions, be it in the mechanical, electronics or interaction with the user.

Designing for manufacture is what I always keep in mind.
Because I always look on how other products are made, I know quite well how new products can be made.

Due to the broad education and my even broader interests, I find it easy to communicate with different specialists in the field. This is always very useful when designing a product.

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