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  • Where it all started

    When I was a very young child I was already intrigued by how things are made.
    I could often been found opening up all kinds of products to have a peek inside. Luckily for my parents, over the years I also got better in putting the products back together again.
    I dreamed of being an inventor and got into hobb... Read more

  • Electronics education

    When you open up products 8 out of 10 times you will find electronics inside. You can imagine I got interested in these electronic components and how they worked.
    During high-school I joined a club called ‘the young researchers’ where I could practice building electronic circuits.
    Also at home I w... Read more

  • Screen printing

    I like to create. Be it products, graphics, art, websites, pictures, etc. Therefore one of the many hobbies I practiced was screen printing.

    With screen printing you place a graphic on a screen, place the screen on paper, a T-shirt, wood, or basically anything flat and squeeze paint through the screen.

    With... Read more

  • Hand made coffee table

    After I bought my first house in Amsterdam, I went looking for new furniture. I could not find exactly what I was looking for so I decided I could make my own table.
    I went to a wood trader and bought all kinds of different wood.

    In the workshop I started with  straightening the wood and make the differ... Read more

  • Ice-World International

    Ice-World is the largest manufacturer of mobile (real ice) ice-rinks. It has a production facility in the Netherlands and a dealer network with warehousing world wide.

    In 2008 I started working at Ice-World as a young product developer.

    My first assignment was to fix issues with the worlds largest artificia... Read more

  • Skating Aid

    The skating aid resembles a cute seal which is very attractive to kids. The skating-aid, named Bobby, gives young skaters some stability on the ice rink so that they can practice their skating skills. The youngest of skaters can sit on Bobby and enjoy the ride while their parents or siblings push them around.

    Our ... Read more

  • Ice-Linked



    When working for Ice-World, I came up with a huge project to improve interactions on our ice-rinks.

    Unfortunately this project is still a bit secret, so I cannot tell a lot about it, but you can look at this video below.

    But it involved a lot of electronics, rfid-tags, people linking them to their Facebook ... Read more

  • PlayFountain

    The PlayFountain® is the first mobile water play attraction and composed of numerous square meter sized elements, which leads to a 100m² water park. The PlayFountain® contains more than a thousand water jets, by which many pre-programmed games can be played.  Games like walking through a labyrinth, or escape from ja... Read more

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